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New Album!

from the official website:

It's finished and it's Universal Audio.
Yes indeed, the waiting is over, the album is complete and we've even got a title for it.

Eleven songs running to just over 40 minutes, the album is free of orchestral splendour but rich in tunes, guitar solos and hit singles. Well, that last bit might be a shot in the dark but fuck me it would be good wouldn't it?

Anyway, here's the track listing...

Universal Audio

I Fought The Angels
Is This All That I Came For?
Everybody Come Down
Come Undone
Get Action!
Sink Or Swim
Bits Of Bone
The City Consumes Us
Girls Of Valour
Keep On Breathing
Now And Forever

Yes, this site is extraordinarily out of date and please believe us when we say that a new, rather slick delgados site will be here soon. I believe you guys to be inordinately patient people so just hold on a little longer and it will be as if this withered website never happened!

Oh, it sounds fucking brilliant by the way - get excited... :: posted 24.6.04
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